US House votes to limit Trump’s powers to attack Iran

The US House of Representatives adopted a resolution limiting the US president’s powers to engage in hostilities with Iran on Thursday night, as the fallout from Wednesday’s attack by Iran on US troops continued.

The resolution – which is unlikely to progress in the Senate or be signed into law by the president – reflects continuing unease in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives about the Trump administration’s decision to kill top Iranian commander Qassem Suleimani a week ago, plunging the Middle East into uncertainty.

Speaking before Thursday’s vote and debate, House speaker Nancy Pelosi said the “cavalier attitude of this administration is stunning. I do not believe in terms of what is in the public domain that they have made the country safer by what they did,” she said.

The resolution called for the president to “terminate the use of United States Armed Forces” against Iran without congressional authorisation, except when necessary to “defend against an imminent armed attack”.

Tweeting before the vote, Mr Trump wrote: “Hope that all House Republicans will vote against Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s War Powers Resolution.”


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