4 Soldering Irons Tips & Tricks for Better Usage

Thinking about starting to solder? Or maybe you already do but want some tips to improve your skills The following are some of the tips and trick to help you choose the right soldering irons.

Choose the right tip

This is a simple and logical tip but there are quite a lot of people that don’t spend time thinking about which tip would be the best for the project or work that they have to do. The main tips used are the Bevel or Hoof, the Chizel and the Conical.

When you do chose the perfect tip for your elaboration keep them clean. You can dip the tip of the soldering iron in a dump sponge, which will help improve your tool’s durability. There are some best soldering iron available on the market with wonderful tip.

Right amount of pressure

Usually beginners and starters tend to do this but there are also some experienced solders that make a mistake of applying too much pressure on the top while soldering.

A little bit of it is understandable but if you exceed the limits you will not only damage your tip of the soldering iron but also put in danger the project you are working on.


It is pretty easy to believe that the soldering iron has to work in a high temperature condition to get pretty neat results on your project. Wrong! Proving wrong to these popular beliefs is the fact that the right temperature to use has to be the lowest possible; this will avoid damaging your tools.

This means turning your tool off when you are not using it to prevent it for overheating. For example, if you won’t be using the soldering iron in 10 minutes turn it off, so that it rests a little bit.

Choose the right solder

Now that you know how to use a soldering iron correctly, it’s time to talk about the solder itself. You have to be very careful with this, not any solder will do the work. The soldering iron that you have it may not necessarily be able to melt some types of solder so keep that in mind when you go on your next purchase. The main decision to make is deciding between using lead or lead-free solder.

This are the 4 tips and tricks that you should be following to improve your soldering iron skills and for a better usage of the tools.