A Maximalist Kitchen – the Hottest Trend of the Season is here!

There is a fine line between maximalism and chaos. That fine line is the intention. When you are trying to bring in the spirit of maximalism in the kitchen décor, you have to understand the key here. There won’t be any disorder. In fact, a kitchen with a vibe of maximalism will have a completely organized look. However, it will be far away from the tidy and too clinical minimal look. This is not a mess but just the hint of a creative and charming peculiarity.


If you are going by the bookish definition of the word “maximalism” it will tell you to use redundant extravagance to make it look opulent. But in reality, a maximalist kitchen is far from that. This kitchen will have excess everything, opposing the minimalism trend but the style will also encourage a purpose. Mess or chaos is directionless. Maximalism is never directionless.  This style will define your kitchen with all the extravagant patterns, textures and colors by making it “almost” luxurious yet far from a complete mess. How can you bring such a kitchen in your home and stun everyone? Read on to explore our creative ideas.


Connecting the Décor Dots

There should be an invisible thread in your designing principle that will connect all the elements that you are using to deck up your kitchen. It is almost like sprinkling a bit of embellishment here and there instead of celebrating the glorious fest of it. The basic ground rule is to inspire an interest in the design by creating a character. While you are designing this kitchen, the items like fixtures, cabinetry, accessories will surely deviate from the mainstream but will never be scattered meaninglessly. The pairing of the functional-looking white kitchen cabinets and the art deco flooring and warm lights can be a way to connect the dots in the overall design. The theme will reflect the class and sophistication of the homeowner while it will make the kitchen look eclectically beautiful. Why? Because sticking by just one theme is oh-so bring these days.


Embellishments in the Décor

When we plan a functional kitchen, the common tendency is to get rid of all kind of details and choosing the plain, flat mainstream designs that hardly succeed to enhance the appeal of the kitchen. Hence, a strategic embellishment in the décor can be a good idea for such a kitchen. The aim of adding embellishments is to warm up the décor of the kitchen. When we compare it to the minimal look, often the latter appears to be cold. And when we are talking about embellishments, what can be a better way to add that with a natural glow in the décor? Well, for that choosing walnut cabinets can be a great idea. Kitchen cabinets are the most prominent fixtures in the kitchen and when you are thinking of installing one, you should be thoughtful as it will affect the visual appeal of the space. Walnut is a natural wood of golden brown hue and an inherent grainy texture. This texture itself can work as the perfect embellishment in a maximalist kitchen. It will wrap the whole kitchen in a warm cozy feel and a welcoming vibe without being overboard.


Use of Color

Along with the busy and richer wood grains and texture, the colors are also making a comeback in the market of kitchen interior designing. With the maximalist trend, there is no stopping of the use of colors like green, blue and grey. From kitchen islands to the accents, from the barstool installed around the island or breakfast tables to wall mounted wine racks, colors are everywhere. How can you make it appear classier? Team them with glass.


So, now as you know about this trend and it can be a part of your kitchen décor, don’t waste your time anymore. Hire a kitchen interior designer and share your ideas with them. You can thank me later!