Best pillows to prevent neck and shoulder pain

Best pillows to prevent neck and shoulder pain

Neck pain also known as Cervicalgia can be pain in the neck, shoulder and upper
back. It is a major cause of migraines, arms and back pain, tiredness and even
numbness. Sleeping with the right pillow can be the best solution for neck pain
and tiredness.

Mediflow water base Pillow

Mediflow water base pillow is clinically recommended for reducing neck pain. It is large, firm and made of easy to clean hypoallergenic polyester.

It is also adjustable allowing you to adjust it to your desired position and firmness.

Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

The Chiroflow Premium Water pillow provides cervical support by adjusts to movement. It is mainly

recommended for proper neck support. It is also easy to maintain as it uses the
normal tap water. It is highly used in chiropractic.

Contour Memory Form Pillow

The Contour Memory Form Pillow provides an alignment and therapeutic support for your head,

neck and shoulders hence reducing pain and stiffness. It has orthopedic
benefits as it helps maintain the proper cervical curve. It has taller side lobes for those who prefer side sleeping. It has Fiber springs that ensures durability with soft cotton covers.

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Arclife Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Arclife Cervical Linear Traction Neck pillow is also made of hypoallergenic polyester fiber .This pillow ensures relaxation while sleeping by providing a good head and neck posture, proper spine alignment.

It also ensures circulation and passage of air making it the best and medically proven pillow to reduce snoring. This pillow can also be used by stomach sleepers. It has been proven to improve medical conditions such as
degenerative and herniated discs as well as arthritis.

Shredded Memory Form pillow

The Shredded Memory Form pillow is designed for any sleep position. It has an inner

zipper that can be adjusted and compressed to your desired thickness. It reduces pressure by reducing the body weight. It has no TCEP flame retardants, mercury or ozone depletes making it safe.

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