Ooty – Coonoor Mountain Train is Ready!


The Ooty Mountain Rail, also known as the Nilgiri Mountain Rail, has a very long history. In 1854, a railway track was set up in Ooty Mountain. But since the hill station was very rough, the work was delayed, and in 1891 the work of the rail line began. First, the train route was set up from Mettupalayam to Coonoor in 1899.

The railway line was extended up to 1908. From that year onwards the mountain rail traffic has started running unabated. Such railways are in one of the worlds in the world. The Laguri Mountain Railway is the World Heritage Site.

Today, Nilgiri Mountain Rail is the world’s busiest railroad. The Nilgiris Mountain Rail has a number of highlights and special trains. Train engines, train sets, and railway stations are all very special and unique. This is why the UNESCO Foundation has stated that it is best suited to give this train the status of World Heritage.

Traveling through this train will travel through 208 curves, passing through 16 caves, passing over 250 bridges, passing through the 208 curves. To enjoy this pleasant experience, they come from all over the world to experience cooling.

Travelers can also travel to this place by traveling to Ooty. Not only is this the only thing that’s going to be on this train; It’s a matter of uncertainty. There are frequent news reports that you can always stop at any time.

The train arrived at Coonoor after a seven-month hiatus of the diesel engine of the hill that had been transported for the excise. Nilgiri district, Ooty- Coonoor mountain track, with four diesel engines, is being run by mountain railways. In the meantime, the Diesel engine operated between Coonoor-Ooty was taken to the workshop at Trichy Ponmala over the past seven months. The engine was fully refurbished and brought to Mettupalayam. The giant crane was placed on the rails.

The diesel engine was brought to the Coonoor this morning. A team comprising 10 officers and railway employees arrived here. The engine arrived in Coonoor at 12:00 pm. Railways officials said, “From today onwards, this mountain train has been decided to drive.”

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