How to pick travel pillow in 2017?

Choosing travel pillow is somewhat harder than usual pillows. Because each and every person has different sleeping style. While traveling, people can sleep by putting their head down or putting their head aside or putting their head back.

So, Choosing the best travel pillow is somewhat tricky. In this article, we are going to reveal the top secrets to picking the right travel pillow for your need.

People often using plane, train, buses, and cars to travel from one place to another. No matter which automobile you are chosen, here are the top techniques to choose the travel pillows.

A shape is one among the most important thing you should consider. Because of different shapes of travel pillows available on market.

J-shaped travel pillows, Compressible type pillow, Oval shaped travel pillow and many other are there.

In our experience, J-shaped travel pillow is more comfortable than normal pillows. That is why here we recommend J-shaped travel pillow. Airplane, Bus, Train passengers are really like this travel pillow. The U-shaped pillow is a traditional type but compared to J-shape which is somewhat less comfort on your shoulder and neck.

The U-shaped travel pillow provides the support for two side of your neck. And Also it provides the support for a chin. But if you are planned to slope your neck while traveling means, it can’t support. That is the only drawback. But it supports your neck wonderfully.

Another factor to consider while choosing travel pillows are filling types. Memory foam is one among the best types to use filling the travel pillow. It is soft and cool. It provides an ultra comfort while traveling.

The third and last factor is size & weight. You should choose the correct size for your neck and head. Otherwise, you will lose your money. Choose lightweight travel pillows to reduce the risk of handling.