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Ooty is called ‘Queen of the Mountains‘ in Tamil Nadu. Princess of the mountains is Kodaikanal. So every mountain will be a special one. Accordingly, many people would have been suspicious of who the king of the mountains was. Mahadeva Hill, Kolli Malai, Suruli Hill, Poddigai Hill, Vellangiri Mountain, Sathuragiri Mountain is a hill where the Siddhars are known as the King of the Mountains. It is located in the Thiruvannamalai district. Let’s see in this post about its specials.

Mountain They will tell you a lot of mountains that are inhabited by Lord Shiva. It is said that Siddhas is doing penance in their respective hills for many years. It is located about 25 km from the town of Pollur in Thiruvannamalai. It is a shrine that has a very famous Shiva Temple. There is a widespread talk that is taking place here.

Recent behind the word

The word ‘Paruvatham’  means mountain. That’s why the name of the peak is known. The mountain is the mountain for the mountains. That is why it refers to its name. There are some other names for this mountain. The most important ones are the Pavathagiri, Kandamalai, Mallikarjuna Hill, South Kilaiyil, TiruSalagiri Nerumalai.

Mallikarjuna Temple The Mallikarjuna Temple is dedicated to Mallikarjunar. This is a very old temple. The temple was built in the early 3rd century AD. Nannan, a martyr landmass who lived in those days, built this temple. These are clearly explained in the inscriptions here.


Are you ready for a trek? Then prepare yourself for mental retardation and start trekking.

There are two ways to go to this temple. One of them is the South Maha Tawa Mangalam. Another is the way to the treadmill. Even if you travel through either of these two, they get together in half the mountain.

When traveling from Southamadeva to Mangalam, passing through a distance of 3 km. This can be reached at the foot of the mountain in a short while. Take a  well-known guide for Tours & Travels in Tamilnadu, Tour Packages, Quality hotels & fine restaurants – Aalayam Travels

At the Pachaiyamman temple here, we worship the Lord and continue our walk. You can also meet people who come from the side of the mountain in half. Then they should walk towards another direction. Then comes the hardest part.

Kumari Nettu

This part will be a little harder. The area that goes from here to the net is found. This is called Kumari Nettu. The water is poured into a fireplace.


Then there is the area of Kadatalai Nettu. This is the specialty of this mountain. Two large mountains are found after this place. One of them is the Mallikarjunar Temple, which is known as the place where Lord Shiva is doing penance. Here Brahmamambika sits with Mallikarjunar.


The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his devotees. Other deities – here, Murugan is present with Valli Deivanai. This mountain is also famous for its natural landscapes in the natural surroundings, at a height of 4560 feet. This is also a reason for the number of devotees visiting here.


You will find a little fortress on this mountain climbing trip. There is a dilapidated stone hall in the fort

This is called Half Hall. Fortunately, the walls of the fort built on a 5-foot-width building suggest that the small king of Nannan built.

These are still a good place to visit. These include footprints for the observation towers. In the meantime, the rainwater was preserved and the pond was cut and protected. Ooty travels will guide you with these places.

Highly protective herbs

This mountain is believed to be the survival of the herbivorous herbs, the Sanjeevani herbs. It is noteworthy that a lot of people are searching for them and returning with disappointment. There are a lot of Siddhars living here and they are shocking and shocking that they have been living with the Sanjeevani heritage for many years now.

At night, the sound of the ohm is asking. People here know that there are a lot of things that happen here.

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