Vivo Smartphone At Just Rs. 100; Only on Vivo Showrooms

Smartphone companies are offering Action Offers to attract mobile customers during each festival. Vivo, which is competing with Reliance Geo and Geomie, has also launched a Action Offer in India. Accordingly, it has introduced a new smartphone with just Rs 101. This offer, which started on 20th, will be in all vivo shores till January 31. This Action Officer can avail any mobile phone up to 10 thousand rupees for Rs 101. Accordingly, Vivo has announced that it will be sufficient to pay the total amount for the mobile phone within six months time (EMI).

Additionally, customers must have a valid Identity card to get mobile with this offer. In addition, Vivo offers some special offers. The Cash Pack offers up to 5% of the money paid by the HDFC Bank’s credit card or debit card. Offer is also offered in a 6-month installment through HDB ZERO Down Payment.

It is a pleasure to offer Christmas and New Year Offers for Indian customers. Our wish is that our company’s new Vivo mobile body customers should celebrate New Year’s happiness. We believe that this new offer will delight our customers, “he said.

For example, customers who wish to buy Vivo Nex new smart phone can get Vivo Nex mobile and pay only Rs.101 instead of Rs 44,990. Rs. 48,889 per month for a period of six months from Rs.44,889 to Rs.7,481.50 per month. It is noteworthy that a cash pack of 5 per cent is offered to the HDFC card.

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